Milk and (Marijuana) Cookies Docs, Northern Jobs, 4-D Seats

Well, you read it here first — lots of the teams filming in Northern Ontario are crying out for help. The CBC reports on how much they need crew and support — and what an opportunity it’s turning out to be for some who answer the call.

Noemi Weis’ documentary Milk will screen in Saskatoon on Thursday at — fittingly — Movies for Mommies, an infant-friendly event at Rainbow Cinemas. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix has the times and other details; scroll down to # FAMILY for this and more movies you can bring babies to.

Coincidentally, just a couple of weeks after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled it was okay to eat marijuana-based food for medicinal purposes, Muse Entertainment Enterprises announces its new feature-length documentary Grass Fed, NorthernStars reports. It follows actor/comedian Mike Paterson’s attempt to battle his back pain by adding marijuana and hemp to his diet. (As of today, we’ve been notified, CNW has a B-roll of broadcast-quality video available on this subject. No word what it looks like . . .)

And Metronews.ca reports (in an article from AP’s Ryan Nakashima) that a Canadian company, D-Box Inc., is leading the way in 4-D cinema seats. That’s right, four.Though it does have stiff competition, “the company argues it’s also more refined than newer entrants.”

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