Michael Bublé and Ryan Reynolds speak for the SickKids

Sometime back in December of last year, I’m sure a lot of you saw a commercial for SickKids. What made this one stand out in particular was that it featured Ryan Reynolds as his usual self making witty comments. But not just those, he also talked about how important it was to support this organization so kids can recover, because we all know how much Mr. Reynolds cares about children’s health, and even he knows when to be silly or serious. He wasn’t the only cool guest on this commercial though. Michael Bublé appeared as well after one disappointed kid requested him instead of Auston Matthews, who had a pretty basic cameo beforehand of standing and shrugging, but these talented Canadians felt it was worth it. They must be used to loud noises, one always playing hockey games for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the other being a musician attending concerts with screaming fans.  

It was a great ad that proved to be very helpful for SickKids as I’ll bet the organization received plenty of funds, help, and support from everyone during the Christmas season. I’ll bet some of the percentage went to getting Ryan a less ugly sweater, but who knows. What is most important about this ad is that the entire crew consisted of VFS students. What I wouldn’t give to have worked on a commercial for something big in MY film student days. Maximum Effort’s producer Jason Curtis felt it was anything but risky to have students doing all the work and said that everything about VFS was the best and he would definitely work with them again. Jon Bell who is managing director of VFS has voiced his satisfaction as well, seeing as the students were the right kind of people for the job. VFS students not only gained opportunities for work experience, but they also raised awareness for a very important cause. I hope they continue to do more of this in the future.

Check out the ad if  you haven’t already.

And here’s a BTS video that shows how professional everyone worked.

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