Good Stuff in Film Industry News Today in Canada

Good for them — Human Harvest, a Canadian documentary on organ harvesting in China, has won one of the 74th Annual Peabody Awards for Documentary, Broadcaster reports. Congratulations to filmmaker Leon Lee, Principal of Flying Cloud Productions in Vancouver, and executive producer Jason Loftus, CEO of Toronto-based Mark Media. The film supported by the Canada Media Fund’s Diverse Languages Program.

Good selection of eco-friendly films at the 10th annual Saskatchewan Eco-Network’s Environmental Film Festival, writes Paul Hanley in the StarPhoenix. The festival, which takes place this weekend in Saskatoon, features everything from Prison Farm (‘Til the Cows Come Home) to The Lorax to Power to the Pedals, the story of a woman’s quest to replace trucks with cargo bikes. Hanley notes these and other good signs for the environmental movement in Saskatchewan.

Two good reasons for the Nova Scotia Government to reconsider its tax credit cut, says Glenna J. Jenkins in The Chronicle-Herald: “First, this is a bad economic decision to make for a disadvantaged province,” and “Second . . . the role cultural industries play in helping us develop our concept as a people.”

Good for babies — The Milky Way, a documentary in favour of breastfeeding, makes its digital debut on May 5th, ET Canada says, and meanwhile Alanis Morissette appears in the trailer with the good advice that, instead of waiting for things to go wrong and dealing with symptoms, we should build on solid beginnings. Check it out below.

And be sure to check back later for more news, good, bad, and everything in between.


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