From Strike to Still Standing to the Ultimate Airport

(via bcbusiness.ca) Mary Beach reports the BC film industry gets quite the business boost for measly money. U.S. film companies have been able to benefit from the Canadian dollar since it is decreasing in value and productions are mainly funded with U.S. money. However BC also benefits as film crews work more frequently.

(via CBC.ca) A film crew will be shooting a reality TV show at Edmonton Airport. Over the duration of the next three months, a Toronto film crew will be working on their TV series  called Ultimate Airport, Edmonton which features what happens inside an airport and different stories from passengers. They also intend to shoot this inside as winter is getting pretty harsh already.

Boris Minkevich of winnipegfreepress.com reports that director Danny Schur has found a leading lady for his cinematic musical named Strike!. While it took a long time to find the appropriate actress for the production, Schur has finally settled on Samantha Barks from Les Miserables. After a long wait and complicated process, the British performer will be involved in the shooting happening July and August in Winnipeg.

(via CBC.ca) Popular comedy series shooting an episode in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Jonny Harris, (Murdoch Mysteries) host of Still Standing, is currently in Inuvik with his crew to shoot an episode of his comedy series where he explores small towns and learns that they can laugh at anything despite the economic struggles they face.

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