Film News for the May 2-4 Monday

D.K. Latta of HuffPo thinks that what the Canadian film/TV industry needs for exposure is “a more mainstream newspaper or website that include Canadian coverage next to the more obvious Hollywood stuff.” He also asks how people keep up with these things. Modesty (and probably the comment policy there) prevents us from drawing his attention to ourselves here at HNMag, but if anyone else wants to . . .

Lionsgate has announced that it’s going to release its fourth quarter and full year financial results for fiscal year 2015 (fiscal year and quarter ended March 31, 2015) after market close on Thursday, May 21, 2015.  DHX saw some growth for the same period, as we told you awhile back.

Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF) “aims to shine a cinematic spotlight on the Niagara Region’s extraordinary beauty while showcasing top shelf independent films from across the world.” It’s also the home of the World’s Smallest Film Festival. Not that the festival is small, but it features ” short films shot entirely on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet).” The prize is $1000 (and bragging rights, of course), and they’re accepting entries till June 5th.

ProTrailer Cartoon, Pixel Film Studios’ newest plugin for use in Final Cut Pro X, looks like fun. It lets you easily add a professionally designed trailer to any FCPX production, and it’s only $29.95. (Via PRWeb)

Okay, this isn’t exactly new, but that’s the point. David Berry of The National Post reviews Big Muddy, the new Canadian noir thriller, and at the end there’s this matter-of-fact note: Big Muddy opens May 8 in Saskatoon, May 9 in Regina, May 15 in Calgary, May 22 in Vancouver and May 29 in Toronto. Circumstances probably dictated the staggered opening dates, but it’s going to be hard for audiences not to be a little biased about a film that they’ve probably read about online as it makes its three-week journey back and forth across the country. There’s exposure, and then . . .


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