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Yesterday we told you about Canada’s All-Time Top Ten List of Canadian Films, at least according to TIFF, and we noted that Exclaim.ca said it was “sure to be polarizing”. And of course, the #1 film, Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner by Nunavut director Zacharias Kunuk, is actually also polar . . . (what’s the point of being The Editor if you don’t get to make bad puns that don’t get edited out?) Anyway, the CBC has more on that.

The Yorkton Film Festival (YFF) of Saskatchewan, in partnership with Reel Canada, is celebrating National Canadian Film Day on the 29th with a free screening of The Grand Seduction, the 2013 comedy about a Newfoundland community’s elaborated scheme to convince a doctor to settle among them. The Yorkton News Review has the story. The YFF itself takes place on May 21st through 24th this year, when it will hand out its Golden Sheaf awards and host lots of other activities, including an intensive filmmaking workshop for high school students and “an east coast lobster dinner with a side order of skeet shooting.”

Some Canadian filmmakers will be getting a very early start on exporting their work when the Children’s Film Society of India (CFSI) showcases films by children from Canada at the 19th Golden Elephant Film Festival in Mumbai in November, says Vancouver Desi, adding “Having made films ‘for’ and ‘of’ children, the CFSI is now working towards making films ‘by’ the children.”mystery sign

Finally, we can’t say for sure what’s filming in New Westminster, BC, right now (see exclusive photo), but it was probably called to a halt during the epic hailstorm this morning.



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