Blue Monday, Local TV, and Hallmark Movies

(Via Marketwired) Did you know the third Monday in January is (unofficially) ” increasingly known around the globe as the most depressing day of the year”?  Cineplex points out, not surprisingly, that you can deal with this via a vacation for your brain in the form of a movie. If you’re a Scene member, you can see any film on Blue Monday — January 18th this year — by redeeming just 500 points. Details are here.

(Via PRNewswire) The CRTC is looking at local and community TV this month and inviting Canadians to discuss it online. There’s more to it than local news — community TV is where many creatives find an outlet and maybe a start on bigger things. Join the talk here.

Speaking of opportunities for creatives, Northern Life’s Heidi Ulrichsen points out that, whatever some people may think of Hallmark Channel films, they’ve become an economic force in Northern Ontario. She notes, “Sudbury’s Hideaway Pictures has been involved in producing 10 of these movies over the past four years, with plans to make several more this year.”

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