Bad News, Good News, for Canadian Producers

(Via CNW) “Today’s CRTC decision [to okay the buying of Shaw Media by Corus Entertainment] sends a shiver down the spine of Canada’s independent producers,” says Reynolds Mastin, President and CEO, the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA). The group says the deal will allow Corus to dominate women’s, kids’, and lifestyle programming, putting it in a position to demand even more in the way of rights and revenues from the teams that actually produce the programming. This could “reduce producers to the role of service providers, which will limit their ability to take creative risks, while downloading onto them the enormous financial risks involved in making television shows.”

(Via CNW) Cinespace is going to let select Canadian film, TV and digital media projects use some of its million square feet rent-free under the Nick Mirkopoulos Canadian Content Initiative. Named after the late founder of Cinespace, the initiative “will be open to applications from writers, directors and producers for studios, production offices or support spaces to assist projects that feature culturally impactful Canadian stories or that are helmed by rising Canadian artists.”

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