A Touch Of Hollywood Glamour Comes To North Wales

For those who conquer Hollywood, an incredible amount of riches is something that soon follows and with Ryan Reynolds currently being one of the hottest acts in town, he is certainly not short of a dollar or two.

Dollars that allow the 44-year-old to purchase as many flashy suits or diamond rings as he sees fit and you could even throw in a new Ferrari for good measure. Then again, Reynolds is not necessarily like many of his Hollywood counterparts, he is somewhat quirky to say the least.

A quirkiness that when coupled with his chiseled looks only adds to the Canadian actor’s charm and with Reynolds known for sometimes known for thinking outside the box, his recent expenditure has raised many eyebrows.

Because along with ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ star Rob McElhenney, the two have purchased a Welsh soccer club that actually plays in England and is currently residing in the fifth-tier of the league setup. 

Which begs the question, just why have these two made such a leftfield investment? With the answer simply being, well why not? It’s not as if they cannot afford it and who would not love to own a sports team of any stature.

A stature that has certainly diminished since the turn of this new millennium and with Wrexham being beset by several financial woes, their very existence was placed under threat as the money started to run thin in North Wales.

With previous owners being nefarious at best, the Wrexham Supporters Trust then assumed control a decade ago and although they did a fantastic job in keeping the club as a going concern, they could only take it so far.

Although when they received the initial interest from Reynolds and McElhenney, they would have had every right to believe they were on the end of a prank. Thankfully, the intentions of the stateside pair were genuine and after a period of discussion, the takeover was complete.

With the star of Deadpool now joint owner of this historic club, the first task is to oversee a promotion back into the English Football League (otherwise known as the EFL) and at the present moment in time, this may prove a little difficult.

Because at the time of writing, the North Wales outfit are currently lying within the confines of mid-table in England’s fifth-tier and with only the winner of the league earning automatic promotion, Wrexham certainly have their work cut out.

Then again, just because they are lying mid-table at present, does not mean that all is lost and with the caliber of players that are currently within the Wrexham squad, there is plenty of time to turn their situation around.

While such is the strength of their playing personnel, major Canadian sportsbooks like Caesars hold Wrexham at +350 odds and with them being priced as favourites to win the league outright, a promotion party may follow in just a few months. 

A party that one of Hollywood’s biggest names would love to oversee and when you consider that Ryan Reynolds’ career has seemingly been one big party up until now, you would have to say such an event would be rather fitting. 

From the humble beginnings of films such as ‘Van Wilder: Party Liasion’ and ‘Boltneck’, plus the TV show ‘Two Guys and a Girl’, Reynolds has made considerable strides on the big and small screen over the past few years.

Strides that have seen some of the biggest roles land his way and for someone who has mastered his craft over the past two decades, it is fair to say that the Vancouver-born star has deserved everything that has come his way.

Which is why a pivot into the world of sports ownership, is logically the next step for the former spouse of Scarlett Johansson. Because with Hollywood now being all but conquered, a new challenge is required.

A challenge that aims to wake what can only be a considered a sleeping giant within the parameters of British football and if the same level of Hollywood success can be transferred to the soccer field, then Wrexham may soon be heading for the bright lights of the English Premier League.

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