The Essence of Open Relationship: What Is Good About Independence?

In a world where traditions of relationships are rapidly breaking down, many find it hard to find the right way to interact with the opposite sex. On the one hand, there is heady freedom and comfort, and on the other — the desire for stability, loyalty, and constancy. The essence of open relationships is that they don’t limit partners in interaction and don’t bind them with obligations.

Pros of Open Relationship

  1. Until recently, many believed that only men have a strong desire for an open relationship and often use Dubai escort services, but later it turned out that women are likewise prone to choose relationships without rigid obligations. This is the first advantage — an open relationship can only be built with mutual consent.
  2. The second pro — the essence of open relationships is that they are based not on a sense of duty, but on mutual love and respect. The absence of an oppressive duty makes the relationship fresh and not stressful for the two partners. This doesn’t mean at all that in such a connection, people don’t care about each other. They care, only the motivation for their actions isn’t a sense of duty, but love.


Cons of Independence in Love

Of course, independence and freedom have their drawbacks. When there are omissions and inconsistencies in such a relationship, it can become a cause of bitterness. For example, a man sets himself up for an open relationship and discusses it with his girlfriend. She agrees, but later revises her views and secretly hopes that everything will change. In such a situation, the vector of the relationship changes, the girl will try to turn them in a different direction, and the result will be a general disappointment.

Prospects for Open Relationship

Relationships without commitment are mistakenly considered hopeless. In fact, this isn’t the case. Statistics show that most couples who are engaged in open relationships live much happier and the duration of their relationship is many times longer.

In a relationship based on a sense of duty, commitment gradually replaces love, which makes it less durable. The open connection can be broken up at any time, without any resentment or grief, but, as a rule, it lasts much longer.


Myths About an Open Relationship

The main myth is that open relationships are chosen by people who don’t want to take responsibility. The truth is that this format is chosen not by irresponsible people, but by conscious ones. Such a relationship can only be afforded by independent people who value freedom — their own and their partner’s. Besides, the essence of an open relationship implies the presence of responsibility, it is simply not dictated by a sense of duty.

The second popular myth is that open relationships are never lasting. In fact, any relationship can be strong, it all depends only on the partners and their level of awareness, readiness for relationships, and love. 

There is another popular misconception about no-obligation relationships. There is an opinion that only frivolous people who put intimacy above other types of interaction in a couple are fond of such relationships. But the truth is that nowadays, you don’t even need to establish a relationship to get intimacy. Open relationships are deeper; they don’t imply only intimacy.

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