How to Write a Successful Campaign for Promoting Your Movie Plot

Most people think their fantasy is worthy of becoming a real bomb in Hollywood. In fact, this may be so, but how to present your idea and interest people? At this point, a lot of new scriptwriters face unexpected difficulties that make them give up the idea and no longer dream about its realization. If you have an idea or plot for the film and would like the whole world to know about it, then this article will become a real guide on how to express your idea.

Start From Gathering Contacts of Potentially Interested Producers

As you understand, you need producers who looking for film ideas or ready-made plots. But what if there are no such acquaintances? Do not worry, today there is a simple way out which does not require having a connection with someone from Hollywood.

For example, you can search for contacts of suitable producers in the Hollywood Creative Directory. There you can find exactly those producers who are looking for ideas and plots.

“We would like to mention a book like The Writer’s Market, as this is a real magic wand for those who are looking for someone to sell their ideas and concepts. For those who write movie plots, the book will be also very usefull.” – shared the Online Writers Rating writing service reviews platform’s team.

You can also create a database of contacts using Instagram and LinkedIn. The first social network requires more time to find the right people, but often the producers leave emails or even phone numbers right in their bios. you can use an email finder tool extension to quickly and easily search for any producer’s email address or contact information using a few simple clicks.

As for LinkedIn, this is just a paradise for those who need to find the right people. By the way, sending your idea or plot through LinkedIn would be a perfect solution.


Who Needs Your Idea?

Once you have a contact database, you will need to make a decision as to whom you will send your plot. There are two approaches:

  • Send absolutely to everyone indiscriminately.
  • Sort contacts based on your target audience.

Most likely you understand what kind of film genre your idea or plot belongs to. For this reason, if your plot refers to melodrama, then sending your idea to a producer who specializes in the genre of science fiction or horror is not a good idea.

On the other hand, who knows, maybe Tim Burton will want to make adjustments to your plot and create a melodrama with unique features of his style. Which option is right is up to you. Someone likes to play with the theory of probability, and someone likes to hit right on target. But still, the latter has a better chance of success!


How to Write a Campaign for Your Movie Plot?



The first impression you are going to make matters most. Modern people do not like to waste their time sorting out something incomprehensible even if the idea is truly stunning.

To get answers from producers, you need to make a lot of effort to properly present your plot. But it’s worth it, as the right approach will increase your chances of success. Below you will find tips to help you create the right marketing campaign for your movie plot.


Brevity Is the Soul of Wit

The first thing you need to know is that you must reflect your idea while retaining meaning in no more than 3-4 pages. This is like the elevator pitch for a startup  -you have up to 40 seconds to tell the most important about your idea. If you exceed this limit, then there is a chance that your work will not even be read.

As already mentioned, time is priceless for the modern person. For this reason, everyone needs to respect not only their time but also the time of others. So you have to work on your idea in order to briefly and clearly state it.


Work with Text

Professionals from the Best Writers Online writing service reviews company say that if you want your movie plot to be interesting, then you should miss all the dialogs. At this stage, it is very important to describe the plot flow, and only then, experienced scriptwriters will add emotional dialogs to the text. 

It is also highly recommended to use the present time. So that the text does not lose its semantic load, break your story into three parts, like an essay familiar from student days. Write down the main points that relate to the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. This way you can create compressed text without losing important points.


Proofread Your Plot

Be sure to check your work several times before putting an end to it. Mistakes or typos are the things that will spoil even the best impression of your idea. The reader should not be annoyed by such trifles and your goal is to make your plot perfect. Also, read your work several times aloud, then it will be possible to deal with stylistic mistakes and increase the readability of the text.


Protect Your Idea

The final and important step is to protect your plot. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who will never refuse to steal somebody’s brilliant idea. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, register on the WGA. This will ensure that your concept is not stolen. By the way, on this site, you can find a lot of useful information if you want to continue working in this field.


Prepare a Cover Letter

After you’ve finished working with the main text, you need to prepare a cover letter. Such a letter should be short and reflect the meaning of your plot/idea, as well as contain a couple of lines about you as an author. It’s best to choose not a dry academic language, but a friendlier tone for the cover letter. And don’t forget to include your contact details!


What to Do If No One Answers You?

The most important thing is not to give up! Your idea or plot will be promising as long as you promote it. Therefore, if more than a month has passed and no one answered you, it makes sense to repeat the newsletter and update the producers’ database. Who knows, maybe your letter hasn’t reached the producer because of the technical issues or your plot is lying somewhere in bundles of papers. Do not give up and continue to attract attention to your idea!


The Final Words



As you can see, the initial marketing campaign for promoting a movie is not the most difficult task and does not require professional help. The main thing is to work, not to sit and dream! Even if you did not succeed in getting the producer interested in it the first time, this does not mean that your project is not promising or the marketing campaign is not effective. Try it several times. There are so many stories when the authors had to spend a lot of time to convey that their idea is a blockbuster! And your way has all the chances to become one more story of success! 


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