Creating Effective Library Research Assignments

Students often face difficulties during their studying process, and causes vary. Some students have to lack knowledge, and others use outdated sources while preparing their assignments, and the tutor’s goal is to help them grow their knowledge. Still, studying demands not only fixed approaches but also a fresh view on the overall process. 

Library research helps students in many ways. First of all, they develop their knowledge on different topics and collect reliable information for further projects. In our article, we represented the most prominent things tutors should remember to create valuable library research assignments efficiently.  

  • “Contact your librarian as soon as possible.”

Tell this to your students until it is too late! This recommendation is crucial for students because they often underestimate the value of time. It is necessary to use resources in your university library in advance to conduct useful research. 

Even if your students are working with digital versions, it takes time to process every book and extract only essentials for your assignment; therefore, one-day sessions are ineffective for solid research. Please keep in mind time frames and set them for your students, considering the amount of information they need to process. 

  • Be aware of resource availability.

This is one more reason to visit the library earlier than the last day before the deadline. Often libraries have a specific book in the only example, so some students might be late if someone has taken it already. Otherwise, the teacher needs to search for alternative literature related to a specific topic. Some students like to use web sources and visit such online assignment help websites as https://assignmentshark.com/ to read articles about related subjects. 

  • Share your objectives with a librarian.

Whether your assignment is on the risk or not, it is always good to ask your librarian for help. Depends on which topic you want students to reflect on your assignment, a librarian could recommend you the list of literature that will cover students’ research needs. Only when you are ensured, there are enough materials to support your assignment you can work on detailed instructions. 

  • Define limits for students. 

It concerns not only time limits but some resources they should search for information in. Depict them an overall topic and provide dos and don’ts students should follow. It will simplify their research and don’t let them mislead with overthinking. Remember that the primary purpose of library research assignments is the ability to analyze information from external sources. Setting such requirements will help you to get the big picture whether your students understood the subject or not:

  • The clear and concise answer to a current question without overwhelming facts and details
  • Original position toward topic and library resources
  • Critical thinking
  • Followed formatting standards (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard)
  • Recommended online tutorials
  • A specified number of sources
  • Lack of borrowed content
  • Recommendations on how to process literature


Creating library research assignments let tutor understand their own strengths and flaws in representing the educational program. Meanwhile, knowing the basic principles of working with sources in the library will help your students achieve all their academic goals and reach wishful success in your subject. 

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