5 Best Canadian Films of All Time

Canada isn’t exactly known for its film industry but it has been known to produce a fair few great films over the years. If you’re interested in all things Canadian and you want to watch some great Canadian films, this article is for you. Below are the 5 best Canadian films of all time. 

1. Owning Mahowny

If you love gambling and playing with live casino dealers online, then Owning Mahowny could be the perfect Canadian film for you. The film follows a Canadian Banker who has access to hundreds of accounts. He’s also a gambling addict that carries out one of the biggest one-man bank fraud schemes in order to fund his addiction. It’s funny, glamorous and also extremely tragic. The film is a great depiction of a true story and it’s a great film for anyone with an interest in gambling. 


2. C.R.A.Z.Y

C.R.A.Z.Y is a hilariously funny comedy-drama set in Quebec in the 1960s and ’70s. The plot follows an estranged father and his son and introduces some truly quirky and hilarious characters. This is one of the best Canadian comedies there is and its a great representation of what the Canadian film industry has to offer.


3. Dead Ringers 


Dead ringers is a shocking psycho-thriller that is sure to leave you feeling thoroughly creeped out. The plot centers around a pair of twins that work as Gynecologists. The more extroverted twin is notorious for having affairs with his patients and the weaker twin is left to pick up the pieces. The pair regularly switch places without anybody noticing, and the film reaches new levels of creepy when the pair start sharing more than just their clothes. 


4. Videodrome

Videodrome is a drama/fantasy film that focuses on failing tv presenter Max Renn. As his station’s views are plummeting, he searches desperately for something to increase his figures. After finding a program named Videodrome that is all about torture and punishment, Max decides it could just be the perfect thing to revitalize his failing business. However, things soon turn strange after his girlfriend auditions for the show and find out what really goes on behind the scenes.

Videodrome is full of twists and turns and is an exciting Canadian film that is sure to leave you feeling a little unnerved. 


5. Zero Patience

Zero Patience is a Canadian indie/musical classic that is a must-see if you want to become a Canadian film buff. The crazy story has everything you want from a film, tragedy. intrigue and a romance between a man and a ghost. The name of the film is derived from the story of Gaëtan Dugas, the man who supposedly introduced the AIDS virus to North America. He was known as patient zero and plays a big role in the film.  


So, there you have it, 5 great films that were all based, written and produced in Canada. These are just 5 of the best movies to come out of Canada, but there are actually hundreds of great Canadian films to try. 

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