Step into a Casino with Hollywood

Intrigue, excitement and glamour are synonymous with the world of casinos. Gamblers, both professional and amateur, are an interesting breed and their stories twist and turn with heart racing highs and lows. It’s no wonder that Hollywood has long held a fascination with all high-octane drama that takes place on casino floors throughout the world. Pitting the lone-gambler against the hefty might of a casino empire makes for thrilling storytelling, especially when a massive fortune is at stake.

The truth is, we all love casino-themed movies because they open a window onto a world most of us will never encounter, at least not in the physical sense. We’re unlikely to dress to kill and saunter into the Casino de Monte-Carlo with a million dollars to burn and we’re unlikely to sit at a Baccarat table James Bond-style and take down the biggest high-rollers in the world. However, with online casinos, it’s now possible for any Tom, Dick or Henrietta to get in on some serious action. So what have the movies taught us that will make winning the jackpot turn from a dream into a reality?

Texas Hold’em

For a lesson in the art of Texas Hold’em, look no further than Casino Royale. James Bond has the quintessential ‘poker face’, which when combined with his nerves of steel, allows him to bluff like a champion and then go in for the kill with a winning hand. The beauty of this movie is that you can actually follow the poker game as they play so if you watch closely, you’re sure to pick up a few tricks that will improve your game.


If blackjack is your game, 21 is your movie. 21, by director Robert Luketic, is based on the book ‘Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions’ and follows the story of a group of students that used card counting in order to win millions from playing blackjack. Of course, it doesn’t end well – so perhaps the lesson here is, don’t cheat because you will get caught.

Rain Man is another brilliant movie that uses blackjack as a cat list to tell a story, this time about family loyalty. The film follows the story of two brothers, one of which is an autistic savant who has a particularly startling ability to count cards. This film will give you some insight into the world of the not-so-glamorous casino and hopefully steer you onto the path of the straight and narrow.


Unfortunately, slot players are unlikely to find a movie that centres on the wonderful world of slots. It’s probably fair to say that watching other people play slot games is, perhaps, not as highly entertaining as actually playing the games. Of course, we know the stakes can be high and that watching those reels spin can be mesmerising and winning a jackpot can be life-changing, and maybe one day Hollywood will find a way to weave a tantalising tale around it. For now, we must be content with slots based on movies rather than the other way around.

So if you want to know how to win at slots in Canada, you’ll have to turn to the tutorials and forums rather than the movies. No other game relies on luck quite as much as a slot game, but there are some tricks of the trade that can be picked up along the way. We recommend choosing a slot game and sticking to it until you know all the ins and outs, that way you’ll know how to best utilise those in game bonuses and free spins.

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