Tentacules 8, le retour de la chose (review)

Whatever I just watched, I don’t know why I expected more. When it has that one particular logo you’ve seen in other shorts, you know what to expect. Either an amazing artistic film or something that’s  weirder than a wacko on the bus who said your hair resembled a delicious bonsai tree with ketchup.
Taking place in a forest, we start out with a couple (Pascal Contamine, Eve Duranceau) wandering through a forest looking for a clearing. They appear to be lost and are looking for something, though what it is is never explained. I guess they were on vacation.
It then cuts to another couple who look like some sort of hipsters (Sarianne Cormier, Maxime Le Flaguais). And once again they’re looking for something in the forest as well. They start talking about a person who happens to be a filmmaker. Must’ve been discussing the director because they make it sound like he had a bad childhood and that probably explains a lot.
Then the camera pans some more and we’re introduced to yet another couple. This time, a guy in a green screen suit (Martin Dubreuil) and a dramatic sounding woman with a nasal voice (Sandrine Bisson). The man is apologizing and the woman says it’s someone else’s fault. I don’t get it.
Moving on, the climax wraps up to… a guy (Martin Leagult). And I don’t know what else to say. Except for what he’s doing is irrelevant to the rest of the scenes. And the title. So basically everything.
Once again, French Canadian film has failed to make me understand its style of comedy. It was nothing more than a continuous one shot of several couples talking about things I don’t know about. I give credit to Ian Lagarde for operating a steadicam though. It’s not always easy. There’s still a few other minor issues, such as in the first few minutes, the background noise was much louder than the dialogue. The lighting is mild but it works for what this is worth. By now, I feel Travelling (Productions Festives) is the Quebecois equivalent of the Vancouver B Movie Factory. That’s how strange they are.

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