Mystery of the Maya (Review)

It’s time for a history lesson.

Many years ago, the Mayan culture built majestic cities, lived in extraordinary locations, prayed to their Gods inside caves, and built that weird calendar that caused everyone except me to freak out over the apocalypse.

Different explorers try to explain what they have seen from time to time. Explorers such as Frederick Stephens, John Lloyd Stephens, and Alfred Maudslay manage to analyze the many surprises they found with the ancient artifacts of Maya while they were exploring. Artifacts like ancient ruins and beautiful carvings.

A lot of the ancient Mayan hieroglyphs have been revealed not to appear not only in the calendar, but in ancient Mayan books and statues as well. However there aren’t many surviving books from the Mayan times because a monk named Diego Landa burned many of the Mayan books in his attempt to convert the people to Christianity.

While the lessons go on, an archaeologist and her son are discovering ancient carvings and trying to figure out what they translate to. Such as the Mayan’s number code, lines and dots.

As you might have gathered, this is a documentary. The scenery was beautiful and the details in the Mayan paintings and carvings look pretty high definition for something that was made in the mid ’90s. A lot of facts and information in this one, but after a while anyone could doze off, especially during the number deciphering. Best to save this one for either a classroom or a presentation about ancient ruins.

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