Mr. Piper (Review)

Oh, come with me, come and see, all the wonders there will be in my stories, in my songs, and everything where fun belongs…

The 60s had some interesting kids shows. This one in particular is hosted by Alan Crofoot as the Pied Piper telling kids stories. The stories I watched are listed below:

Ali Baba: Open Sesame is the access code for the top secret hideout of the 40 thieves. As luck would have it, Ali Baba, a lone woodcutter figures out this secret. Yeah everyone’s familiar with this one.

Brave Molly: A little girl comes up with bold innovative methods to escape a giant who plans to eat her for dinner, but nearly ends up eating his own daughters instead.

Hasty and the Princess: A poor young boy helps out the critters of nature (who can somehow talk) and later on they help him in attempts to win over a princess from her father the king.

The Kindhearted Girl: A little girl goes into the woods sent by her awful mother who happens to be a witch. A little birdy saves her somehow.

The Magic Horn: When a poor man trades everything he has for a horn from a gypsy, he does not realize the incredible power it possesses.

The Proud Princess: A prince tries to win over a vain princess but she only likes things of value.

The Three Sisters: A man disapproves of how his daughter defines love (she says, “I love you as meat loves salt”) and she has to find somewhere else to live.

There were many more episodes of this mini series, but not all of them got uploaded in the big file. Not only that, but there were other segments to this old timey tv show such as Crofoot performing magic tricks and showing short films of kids in other countries.

Yeah, I shouldn’t mock the cheesy intro sung by Crofoot in a soprano accent or how the stories are animated as minimal as possible, this seemed like it was arranged pretty well, but it still had its moments of mediocrity. A simple tv series with simple stories, it almost had a feel of old fashioned books turned into narrated animations. The dialogue seemed a bit silly as well as some of the voices, but it was made years ago, so it was acceptable at the time.

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