Maisons Modeles (Review)

Maisons Modeles, a foreign film with a dramatic genre, because, hey, I don’t review an awful lot these days. Anyone is probably guessing which distributor uploaded this and chances are it’s going to be another weird review.

Our film starts out at 5 in the morning as our protagonist, Alex (Charles Sirard-Blouin) decides he’d rather sleep in than do his job as a paper boy. So his father (Patrick Goyette) has to help alongside with preparation only to botch the job up even more. Eventually, Alex does get straight to his delivering job and working as he comes across his co-worker Francois (Louis-David Leblanc). After that is over, the two take enjoyment in the rest of the day trying out a dune buggy owned by their other friend Martin (Jean-Sebastien Courchesne), who is getting his home renovated. The boys want to buy it but don’t have enough money to do so. Alex is short $100 and Martin won’t let it go for 500 while the boys split the cost. So that only means Alex has to work harder for the money. That’s a little difficult however when just one customer is unable to pay his subscription making it hard for Alex to make his total. And to make things harder, Alex’s father is going through some big issues himself as Alex returns home to his father engaged in a frustrating phone conversation. One day Alex tries to get to the customer one last time in order to get all the money he’s owed. Sneaking in through the back Alex and Francois discover this neighbour (Paul Poissant) happens to have issues of a certain sort. Huh boy. Guess what happens next. No really. Guess.

Not much to say about this one at all. It’s a drama and it’s also a coming of age story. Seems like something I watched last year only much shorter than usual. The characters are well, generic, and some of them a little bit more different. But only a little bit. There’s not much to the story and hardly any resolutions get made. Well, maybe ONE resolution. If it counts as a resolution, but I don’t know. I can never tell with this French Canadian stuff. Camera shots and natural lighting is pretty neutral actually but the shots at 5 am look like they’re pretty well arranged. I don’t know, it just didn’t feel like a whole lot to me for some reason.


Image Courtesy of cohdra from Morguefile

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