Le Toasteur (Review)

When you run out of news to cover, sometimes the only other option is to review a movie. Today’s was none other than that French-language filmmaking company that I have covered so many films from yet still most don’t make sense to me.

The film is called Le Toasteur, and it’s about a toaster. And maybe some really dark twisted humour.

Taking place in 1992, a teenager named Alain (Pierre-Luc Lafontaine) is jogging along the snowy plains listening to music of the day. After finally making it home, Alain moves around the house and gets two slices of bread planning to make himself some toast, until suddenly he notices the toaster is gone. But where? Upon careful inspection of the clues in the house (a dead stick figure drawing on their schedule chalkboard and an extension cord), he heads straight to the bathroom where his brother Claude (Francois Bernier) is attempting suicide. So far he has failed, as the cord isn’t long enough. The fact that Alain then tries to use the toaster doesn’t make it any better.

Claude demands that Alain try to tempt him out of suicide. Claude complains that he doesn’t fit in. He also feels upset about everything being different from him. But Alain says he’s taking life too seriously and tries to share a quote from their Grandfather. Claude declines the advice and by then the toast pops out and he finally admits to being a jerk. Alain admits he enjoys living with Claude though. But is it enough to make Claude reconsider?

I liked the contrast between the two brothers, it was reminiscent of conversations with my own brother in the past. Kind of. I just hope he doesn’t commit suicide himself. But still, the story was well written, the actors were believable, and the toaster was kind of humorous. It’s not often I find something interesting from Travelling.

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