Kingdoms of Grace (Series Review)

The end  is drawing near. Satan and his medieval cosplaying minions are taking over the world. The only hero to save the day is a warrior priest named Thomas Stone (Andres Londono).

However, someone stronger is in line for being the saviour of mankind: Sierra Grace (Kelly Donohue), a girl addicted to heroin, one of Stone’s students at the University of Solomon. Professor Stone needs Sierra’s help to locate a long lost Roman spear of magic powers to defeat the dark overlord. But through unexpected changes, two more teammates, a Muslim named Nimera Khalifa (Jena Sharma) and Sierra’s guitarist friend Zak (Liam Kinder) join the team as they explore the Middle East in their quest to find the ancient spear. Danger lurks around every corner and adventure resides within the barren wasteland they travel.

This series is made in a very interesting manner. It’s an animation series, but it also has some live action mixed in there during the emotional and — even some of the intense action — scenes.

The story was well written and gently elaborated on itself, slowly showing the character development. In spite of the occasional dosage of strange dialogue (Sierra telling the dark overlord he’d be more menacing if he didn’t talk), the series was still exciting from time to time. While the animation looks rather simplistic, the lighting and especially the rare use of 3D causes the appearance to be more outstanding. I do kind of wish there were more episodes though, giving viewers more of a chance to explore further.

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