Kick Me Down: A Review

Kick Me Down is a dramatic comedy about a man named Percy Crease who falls in love with his brother Darren’s wife.

In the beginning, Percy goes over to see Darren and his wife, Karen. Darren is trying to get his wife to help him with a problem, but Karen refuses to get involved. Recently, Darren and Percy’s father has passed away, leaving his motel to Percy instead of Darren, who is very angry. He’s also jealous — his brother has been involved with Karen. She, meanwhile, is getting fed up with dealing with her husband who works as a tow-truck driver. Karen wonders why she is still with him despite all he’s done to her.

Percy, for his own part, has problems running the motel as well as dealing with his family who doesn’t respect him. After Darren and Karen lose their house, he brings her to the motel where Percy provides a room. As Percy cleans up Karen’s room for her, he slowly develops an interest in her once more. However, Darren threatens to kill Percy should he ever try to approach Karen (“If you touch her, that’ll be it”).

This movie seems to have lots of semi awkward conversations between the characters to show how dysfunctional they really are. On the technical side, some camera shots  have way too much unused space in them and needed a little more time to be set up. Summing it all up,  in the end Kick Me Down is very dark but worth watching.

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