Juke-Bar (Review)

While Indieflix has run dry for me, I’ve had to find an alternative. I thought “Hey, maybe I won’t get so much weirdness now that Traveling is out of my reviews.” Boy, was I wrong. I still end up finding stuff that’s weirder than usual. And I’m not talking weird as Traveling. I’m talking much weirder. What happens in this film.

It starts out as a man is closing his restaurant for the day. But before he does, a couple of deliverymen bring in a brand new jukebox. Okay, not brand new. It runs on records and looks like it has been used.

One of the owner’s biggest issues is a crazy number of cockroaches infesting his restaurant. So he leaves the juke-box behind with them and closes for the night. One cockroach who looks like the equivalent of a punk rocker rounds up the rest of them and they go to investigate. When the punk-roach manages to get the music going, everyone gets involved in a big old party similar to the Ugly Bug Ball. This goes on for the rest of the night.

What was the purpose? I won’t dwell too much on the matter. What matters is that this was weird for me to watch. The stop motion bugs were creepier looking than actual real life bugs. Their high pitched voices were annoying, and well, the story was awkward to say in the least, especially the ending. I guess a French Canadian film doesn’t have to be from Traveling to be weird. Why do I keep finding the abstract all the time?

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