Gone Curling – Mini-Review

There are two sports this country is well known for: Hockey and curling. Everybody in this quaint little town of mine identifies as Canucks to feed into the hockey stereotype, but curling doesn’t seem to be too discussed here too much. Last time I went to a curling game was years ago when I was 7. Or 8. Anyways, it’s not often we get a movie about curling, so this one scrapes along the ice and gives us a good laugh.

Going way back to the olden days of 1963, Gone Curling starts out with a stranger (John Howe) talking about old-times Saskatchewan with its farmland. As the stranger turns out to be a salesman coming into the small-town of Eston, he goes to make some sales, but this small-town is more like a ghost-town because he notices that nobody is around. There’s a sign that reads “Gone Curling” on nearly every building, and he discovers a book on curling that teaches him what the sport is. Deciding he could be the best in the West, our salesman goes through a long imagination sequence of comical silliness and heads out to the local rink where he can play with them. Ditching his suit coat for a curling uniform jacket, Mr. master-of-sales tries the best he can practically making himself a laughing stock. But does he truly ever get the hang of what looks like the easiest sport to play?

When it comes to films that star the director, it’s hard to say how they’ll turn out. Since this was made years ago during a time when I probably wasn’t even spermatozoa, there’s a surreal feeling one gets when watching something from the 1960s getting a look, feel, and taste of the times back then. The story has nothing much to it, but it’s relatable to both those who play the sport and those who don’t. There isn’t much in characters if any at all, but you don’t need to many to tell a story like this one. An interesting tale and a great blast from the past that still is pretty interesting today.




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