Davai (Review)

Who would’ve thought that Travelling would do something like this? It’s not very often if at all. And at the same time, it doesn’t entirely live up to expectations. The film takes place during WWII in the dead of winter in Russia, as it opens on the mostly blind narration of one single German soldier (Alex Gravenstein) who asks questions and talks about the events that have happened. As crazy explosions light up the sky, the soldier comes across another soldier (Carl Alacchi) who just wants to go to his home to Italy. The two become allies and head for shelter while the bombs continue to rain. Next morning, it’s just shots of these two newfound friends wandering through a snowy wasteland that looks so lifeless. But weather conditions and health conditions continue to get worse as the two struggle to find shelter or even a section of land that actually stands out. Once the soldiers actually make it to a forest though, they are greeted by a young Russian boy (Vlace Samar) gathering sticks for firewood. And what does does he do? Accidentally takes off a boot of the Italian soldier’s and runs back into the forest like a little schoolgirl. Weird. But at least he comes back to return it, and comes across something else as well.

Well, there was barely any plot to any of this. The story was minimal and made little sense, the cinematography ranged with little detail and barely enough interesting looking shots. Even near the end the lighting was done to make it look dark but it still didn’t come off as convincing. The whole thing was well, not the best let’s just say. But this is all made up for with the dedication at the end to all who perished in the Second World War. Not a very detailed or interesting film but definitely initiates some feelings as the darkness goes further.

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