Blue Plastic Bag – Review

Have you ever been affected by something a friend has been able to recall? Or a family member? What about something you recalled? Sometimes recalling things can be good but other times it can traumatize you. Welcome to the life of Armin (Bijan Karim) who is living his life as calmly as possible. Or at least trying. But it’s not always easy, he has an argument with his girlfriend Alex (Ianna Cusi) on the phone, and tries to talk to his mother Yasmin (Nilufar Moayeri) regarding how Alex is staying away for much longer than usual, upsetting him. As they watch a movie together, Yasmin tells him she set him up on a date with a beautiful girl she met with her friends. Getting frustrated, Armin goes off to meet his close friend Lance (Alden Doyle) and have a chat. At first, they talk about how his roommate and Armin says he is much better than her. Lance disagrees given how the roommate seems to have a positive outlook on life. They argue about where he should actually live and possibly find other girls to talk to. Then Lance tells Armin about a dream he had and mentions a blue plastic bag on his head and Alex is having sex with a muscular man. As Lance explains the dream, Armin gets more and more frustrated and claims the dream is misinterpreted. Eventually, Armin leaves while Lance goes after him and explains what he used to be and how he is. How does Armin cope with these feelings of misery and struggle? Well, after coming home and listening to mom scold him for not texting back, Armin cries over the loss of Alex shutting him out and finds another way to cope with his misery. Exactly what does he do? You’ll have to watch the film and find out.

Unlike some of Bijan Karim’s other films, this is one that’s slightly different, instead focusing a little more on a comedic side, other than drama. But while there is a little drama in it, he still finds a way to paint a picture with this new approach much how some of these characters paint lovely pictures themselves and create interesting works of art through more than just performances. Colours are pretty minimal but still shots are made in a fantastic setup for every scene. It’s always good to try new approaches and Bijan made an interesting result by doing so.

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