Beau Diable (Mini-Review)

Having seen the Biopsy Shake last week, I chose to see something made by Nathan’s brother, Conor Slattery. Beau Diable is a horror movie that really sinks in. It all starts when 8 friends get onto a boat for some seaworthy fun, only for it to get ugly quickly when a lone man fromĀ a dinghy pulls a gun on them and forces them towards an island where some ancient ruins are located. Things get even worse for everyone when a strange demonic feeling flows through the dark corridors of the abandoned location and slowly one by one, more people die as they try to find their way out of this maze of a place. Beau Diable is a film that while like some horror films doesn’t set in until it gets you off-guard, still has an interesting delivery as the people search in vain for a way to escape all while this unknown presence possesses them. Even the use of natural lighting, even if there isn’t much of any in the darkness of the narrow passageways, still works as an impressive way of making the viewer feel they are in the dark scary place. The combination of story, lighting, and location make an amazing masterpiece in cinema created with little to no budget.

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