Accountant Assassin (Review with Video)

I’ve never really seen something like this before. It’s a different take on movies and a different look. Accountant Assassin focuses strictly on a conversation between Robbie Mac and Frankie Gaddo, playingĀ  themselves, as they discuss the best way to work out Frankie’s script to make it sound a bit more believable.

You might think it was about someone who assassinates accountants. But no, it’s about a man named Tony Sanfrancello (Donatello Read) who works a white collar job in an accounting department during the daytime. At night, and on occasional weekends, he’s a hired killing machine who murders designated people as per request of a contact of his.

Robbie makes all kind of suggestions, some of them good, and others, well strange. Good suggestions include changing the dialogue to something that makes more sense. (I personally think this could’ve been longer by a few more minutes so there would be more script involved.) Also a rather awkward plot hole in Frankie’s story is when the assassin is implementing a chase with one of his enemies in broad daylight. I know it’s not easy to shoot in the nighttime, but this type of thing irritates me sometimes.

Of course, I should just leave stuff like that to Frankie to point out. What’s more important here is the main focus of the story and the hilarious dialogue exchanged between the two. Script writing isn’t a one-man job — well, not at first. Short films can be relatively easy, but it depends on what kind of writing experience you’ve got. And that’s what this film shows.

(Frankie Gaddo’s short film Oliver’s Bowl is playing at this year’s Italian Contemporary Film Festival.)

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  1. I like this review. Thoughtful and Insightful.

    The first edit was originally much longer, about 11 mins, so you’re on the right track when you say you’d like to see a couple more minutes. In the end this edit was the right way to go as it’s more lean and mean. Also nothing too substantial was left out. There was a part when Robbie refers to the film being made as being the next possible Casablanca.

    As for the switch from night to day, this is actually a jump cut. He’s been running all night from the assassin coming after him, and it cuts to the morning/day. The first shot you see of him he looks exhausted. In the earlier edit there were some in-between shots of him running at dawn which make it a bit more apparent. It is understandable to think that it’s day all of a sudden, but actually half a day has passed in the story world. As this may seem unrealistic, it plays into the whole piece, that the guys in the meeting room discussing it are more worried about things like specific pieces of dialogue, a subplot highlighting their girl problems, and so on; instead of larger present story and plot issues. This also plays into a stronger narrative undertone which viewers can look for on their own and interpret as they’d like.

    Creator of Accountant Assassin
    Frankie Gaddo

    To learn more about Frankie and to see his other work, visit googoogaddo.com

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