2:22 (Review)

Canadian low-budget films can be good or bad. Before anyone assumes I’m talking about VBMF again, I assure you, I’m not. I’m talking about one of the strangest movies with the most mixed reviews ever.

Already it felt like the opening credits went on for too long. That ends as our non-main character Paul gets injured on his way to his car by another man named Gully (Mick Rossi) who happens to be our real main character. Gully is a mix between good and bad. By that I mean he attends an AA meeting at a local church but he is still somewhat of a criminal, helping get stolen jewelry for his friend Maz (Val Kilmer) who works at a jewelry store.

But the main focus is how Gully, Maz and three heist master friends get together to pull off the ultimate heist: Robbing a hotel vault at 2:22 am. Okay, good luck with that. But if there’s anything people have learned about heists, it’s to always pick the right people for the job. Some people learned that the hard way in GTA 5, but anyways, the heist takes a wrong turn, and so does everyone else. What would’ve been a simple robbery turns into a big mess.

And that’s basically what this movie is, a BIG MESS. Most of the beginning turns out bad, then it gets good, then bad again. The story is poorly arranged, and that’s usually what I focus on in my reviews. But it’s not all that bad. Sure it’s got good characters that were finely developed, amazing shots with perfect lighting, and while the plot is awkward, it kind of adds a lot of twists all about. I’m honestly at a stalemate for this one. Not exactly a good film, but it’s not too bad either. If one doesn’t have much interest in good storyline, that is.

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