We’ve seen what Hollywood is doing these days, it seems like every movie now is based on a book, From timeless classics to some of the weirdest content written for children ever. Take a look at Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Sure, the books were good, but what about the films themselves? Do they always stay true to the books? Because from what some if not many people have noticed, the movies take a different direction sometimes. Especially the two I just mentioned. While it does make the films popular, at least for a while, it doesn’t always stay true to the story. Sometimes that upsets the fans who have been around since the book days or when they read the book.


But that doesn’t mean the film adaptations are bad, it gives people something to talk about, something to learn. After all, not everyone has read the book first and they might go looking for it after watching. Maybe they’ll write an essay on the differences and how the film works, or doesn’t. Either way, when it comes to an adaptation of a bestseller, there’s no denying that it will make a hefty profit at the box office and the film is somehow a big hit, especially for some of the most well known critics. Do you think movie adaptations are better or is it clear Hollywood is running out of ideas? Perhaps you have a favourite book to film adaptation? Let us know in the comments below.

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