Weekend Cinema: 9 Best Films From Canada

Cinematography has no boundaries. On the one hand, this is correct and indisputable. Any film, no matter in what country it was filmed and people of what nationality, religion, and skin color participate in it, can touch such strings in the soul of any person that you stop paying attention to everything else.


But on the other hand, the peculiarities of the country in which the films are filmed also leave their mark.


Canada is a country where the local population loves sports, every day placing online slots in Canada, where nature is both harsh and gentle nature, where life is simple and fun. All this left its mark on melodramas and detective thrillers and psychological, tangled stories.


My Uncle Antoine

The most famous Canadian film, included in the lists of must-see world cinema masterpieces. “My Uncle Antoine,” tells about the everyday life of a teenager living in the 1940s and going through the process of growing up against the backdrop of the outbreak of World War, intra-family difficulties, and a kind of confrontation between the English and French parts of Canada.

The Sweet Hereafter

A film by one of the main contemporary directors of Canada – Atom Egoyan. The Sweet Hereafter is the story of a lawyer who travels to a small town to defend the rights of families whose children died in a school bus accident. But during the trial, one of the surviving girls gives unexpected testimony. The film starred Ian Holm (known to many as Bilbo from “The Lord of the Dumplings”) and Sarah Polly (“Chimera”, “Mr. Nobody”).


Jesus of Montreal

A film by another world-renowned director – Denis Arcana. This is a metaphorical drama about an actor who staged a non-canonical theatrical production of The Passion of Christ and met with fierce resistance from the authorities and believers. Also, a must-see is 2003’s Barbarian Invasion and 1986’s Fall of the American Empire by this director.


Another film about growing up and turning a boy into a man. The main character of the film lives in a poor family and spends all his free time inventing a new world for himself. The boy’s slender everyday life is disrupted when he falls in love with a neighboring girl. This film is often included in the lists of the best examples of world cinema.

Goin’ Down the Road

A story about two friends who lived in a provincial town of Nova Scotia and decided to go to Toronto. However, they soon realized that life in the city was not at all as interesting and fun as they thought. The film has a sequel, directed by Donald Shebib, Down the Road Again, 2011.

Dead Ringers

The film of the famous David Cronenberg (“Vice for Export”, “The Fly”) with Jeremy Irons in the title role. “Dead Ringers” is the story of twins who fell in love with an actress. Hiding the fact of having a twin, they both start dating her. However, when their lies are revealed, one of the brothers is overcome by madness.


The tape of another Canadian director who has successfully moved to Hollywood – Jean-Marc Vallee (“Dallas Buyers Club”, “Wild”). “Brothers C.R.A.Z.Y.” is the story of a teenager who is raised by a conservative father and devout mother in a family with four brothers. He realizes his homosexuality, rebelles against the orders of his parents, and leaves. Time of action – 1960-1970s.


My Winnipeg

Gay Meddin’s surreal, metaphorical, autobiographical film about Winnipeg, the city where he was born and raised. The film mixes fantasy and reality. An unusual and very aesthetic film, filled with love for the city of the director’s childhood.

Les Ordres

There are black pages in the history of every country. And Canada is not shy about showing them either to themselves or to the whole world. “Orders” is a historical drama that tells the story of police brutality in the 1970s, when more than four hundred people were arrested without any charges or grounds.


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