Top 6 Animated Explainer Video Production Companies for 2024

The digital marketing and content creation market is rapidly evolving as a result of industry-wide digitization and technological advancements.


And, in this ever-changing environment, animated videos – which continue to be an investment for brands – are an effective marketing tool that is widely used by marketers.


Their widespread use is primarily due to the many benefits they offer, such as increased reach among the target audience, improved brand identity, increased conversions and sales, and so on.


As we approach 2024 and the demand for animated videos grows, identifying the best animated video production companies becomes increasingly important.

Best 6 Animated Video Production Companies for 2024

If you’re looking to get animated explainer videos created for your brand or product but are unable to find
a suitable company matching your requirements, here’s a comprehensive list.


The companies listed below have been selected on the basis of the quality and richness of their explainer video portfolio, years of experience, and other factors such as delivery timelines, costs, communication, etc.

1. MotionGility


MotionGility is an evolving explainer video company that generates engaging and results-driven videos, with headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA, and businesses in Indore, India, and Canada.


They’ve been providing high-quality animated videos to prominent brands like HDFC, Pfizer, ADNOC, Nissan, Portfolio+, and others since 2015.


Their unique selling point is that they provide exceptional product demo videos, fintech explainers, blockchain videos, and so on at reasonable prices and within specified time frames.

2. Yum Yum Videos



Yum Yum Videos, an Argentine firm, is another well-known producer of visually attractive explainer videos.


They have worked with a variety of brands, including American Express and McKesson, and their competence rests in offering high-quality services such as whiteboard animation, tutorial videos, instructive videos, and so on.


Their mission is to create storytelling-rich videos, and they believe in collaborating with clients who are enthusiastic about their work.


3. Demo Duck



Demo Duck is the final explainer video firm on our list. The Chicago-based agency is known for producing videos in a variety of animation styles and different industries. 


In terms of their videos, they’ve mastered the art of delivering a brand or product’s narrative in an interesting and rich manner. 


This places them among the best organizations providing explainer video services to clients worldwide.

4. Epipheo


Epipheo is an established video production company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, known for creating captivating animated explainers.

With over a decade of experience, they have a track record of simplifying complex topics for clients like Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn.

Epipheo excels in producing visually appealing animations with clear, concise messaging that resonates with diverse audiences.


5. Switch Video

Switch Video is a renowned animation studio headquartered in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, recognized for simplifying intricate ideas in animated form.

They’ve successfully conveyed impactful messages for clients like IBM, Microsoft, and HP.

Switch Video stands out for its ability to create compelling narratives that emphasize the transformative power of ideas while utilizing various animation techniques.

6. Think Mojo


ThinkMojo creates unique animated videos for educational, editorial, support, advertising, and other purposes. They make various animations, including educational videos, social media videos, ads, short films, video presentations, and series.


Thinkmojo specializes in creating visually appealing videos that blend with the brand’s character and can produce various educational commercials and personalized videos in different styles. They are best known for their work with big tech companies and can create videos for any big or small company.


Thinkmojo has collaborated with well-known brands such as Slack, ZenDesk, and Google Fiber to create visually stunning video content.




In 2024, animated videos will be the first choice for businesses as their best marketing tool.


Keep in mind that when selecting the best company for your project, your choice should reflect the essence of the company.


These 6 best-animated video production companies have consistently stood out from the crowd with their creativity and high-quality videos.


These companies will help you communicate a message that is both engaging and has a long-term impact on your audience.

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