Surprising Film & TV Locations in Canada

Big landmarks and beautiful nature will always make up fantastic filming locations wherever they are in the world, and Canada has no shortage of both – it is used in artwork to promote, in gaming options as a theme as these are being used online for games of chance with Canada as the backdrop, and of course in TV and Movies for popular filming locations and points of focus too. Some of these locations may be more surprising than others and can be immediately recognizable when seeing their placement in the real world. 

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One such show that may surprise wrapped back in 2019, The Man in the High Castle show had been based on the novel of an alternative reality where the Axis powers won the war and had some fantastic cinematography showing an alternate New York and changing representations of other cities too – whilst much of the show was shot in Seattle, large portions particularly in suburb regions were shot in Vancouver and British Columbia with over 104 locations being used throughout – a lot of transformation would’ve been needed, but had rarely looked out of place or like it didn’t belong.

The popular show Suits is one that is more well known and less of a surprise in this regard – the main building and much of the show which is supposed to depict Manhattan is actually shot in Toronto’s financial district, and those who wonder around the outside and into the lobby of the building will recognize much of where the show had been shot. When looking at pictures from the outside that aren’t part of the show, it does become almost immediately recognizable, and has become something of a tourist landmark in its own right for fans of the show. 

Many locations in Canada often stand in place for shooting locations attributed to the US and another of the bigger recognizable ones is within the University of Toronto – although perhaps less known for many – huge movies like Good Will Hunting were shot here in place of the MIT and Harvard campus, and other movies like Mean Girls were also shot here showing the Convocation Hall – it’s yet another location that is immediately recognizable when looking from the outside, but the fantastic work done by film crews can transform the look in a dramatic way. 

Canada continues to be home to some huge and unpredicted shooting locations and can often be a point of intrigue when looking at shows and movies to see if some of these locations can be recognized despite their transformation.  

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