Movies we didn’t figure out, and we thought we knew all about them

Did it happen that you got into a discussion about a movie, and your view contradicted others? So don’t be sure that you’re right, because there are a lot of movies where we don’t seem to get the message right, since they are not so straightforward like some notable online games. Here are some of them:

American Psycho (2000)

The first film on the list is not necessarily misunderstood but belongs to the sphere of cinema whose end is supposedly unclear. In reality, there is absolutely no doubt about it. Namely, the story of Patrick Bateman ends with the question of whether the murders happened or whether everything was the fruit of his sick imagination. Many at that time, and they still do today, broke their spears on this issue, but there is no doubt.

Director Mary Harron has repeatedly pointed out that her intention was never to question whether the killings were real or not. Some people think that his victims are alive because everyone in that world looks, behaves, and talks the same way. They just saw someone else and thought he was the victim. And as for the ATM that asks Bateman to feed him a cat, we must not forget one crucial thing – Bateman is crazy.

The Last Samurai (2003)

Edward Zwick’s film has divided criticism between those who see it as a great film and those who see in it another example of Western gossip about a “white savior” coming to help samurai in the last days of its existence. Of course, the idea of Nathan Algren as the last samurai comes from the film’s very title.

At the end of the film, Algren appears in front of the emperor in the uniform of a samurai after everyone else’s death, and many could draw the message that he is the last samurai. But that can’t be the message because he never became a samurai, and the film’s title refers to a group of warriors who rescue Algren and help him find his purpose. His uniform is only a dedication to their teaching.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Quentin Tarantino has been under attack from the beginning of his career as someone who promotes violence in movies. Some could serve as an inspiration for violent mobile games. He was accused of using extreme violence as a trick to attract attention through critics who denounced him. In the case of this film, it was no different, although many pointed out at the very beginning that it was his most ambitious project.

However, in this film, the criticism for violence is unjustified because Tarantino pointed out that violence’s sensationalization to promote a goal is terrible. This message is most apparent during the final scene in the cinema when Nazi soldiers applaud the murder of American soldiers in the film before the audience of Tarantino’s film celebrates the brutal murder of German soldiers in the final scene.

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