List of movies to watch before Olympic summer

Olympic games 2020 were postponed because of quarantine and so far scheduled to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo. It budget rose to $15,4 billion and the upcoming tournament is mentioned as one of the most expensive in sport history. You definitely like sports dramas like Million Dollar Baby, Wrestler and so do we. Today our friends from https://www.duxcasino.com/ talking about one of the most staggering movies in the genre like Race( 2016) produced by Canada in cooperation with France and Germany and initially released in Toronto. Let’s cover it up.

Black runner winner in Nazi Fermany

The story is about track and field sprinter Jesse Owens. He ran over not only prejudices of the Third Reich, but his own country because he wasn’t even invited to a White house for a traditional ceremony with a president. Olympic games were planned like indisputable evidence of Aryan supremacy, but in reality black runner Jesse Owens hit four records and was smiling without any snobbism. Lately he was ranked by ESPN, BBC and others reputable organisations like the greatest North American athlete.

First black athlete sponsored by Adidas

During the Olympics the founder of Adidas visited him and proposed sponsorship which made Jesse Owens first sponsored black athlete ever. Of course the curious subject is how Hitler reacted to fenomenal black athlete performance? Jesse Owens recollected: “I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back”. Strangely, the 1936 were nearly boycotted because racial decrimination, but in reality Jesse Owens was with white athletes and faced troubles after returning home where he couldn’t continue his professional career. But nevertheless he had an impressive life and was an entrepreneur, ambassadour and thinker. He wrote a book I Have Changed and it might cover all the behind the scenes and aftermath moments of a great movie Race (2016).  The rate on IMDb is solid 7,1. The movie has 6 wins and 8 nominations and definitely deserves to be watched.