Gateway Indoor Air Quality Testing to Enhance your Family’s Well-being 

Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is basically the quality of air inside and around structures like buildings where we spend a major part of the time. Our residential buildings, office spaces, shopping malls, movie halls, etc. are closed spaces where we spend maximum time. The air circulating within and around such structures is what we breathe.

Needless to say, indoor air has to be wholesome, fresh and devoid of pollutants. However, air quality declines as several harmful elements make their way into it, such as:

Biological pathogens


  • Biological (e.g. bacteria, viruses, pollens, etc.)
  • Chemical (emissions arising outdoor and off-gassing occurring indoors)
  • Particulate (smoke, dust, etc.)

The quality of the indoor air usually carries these harmful elements. They affect us intensely, but we don’t realise it. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having fresh air in spaces we inhabit. It has been proven that the contagion spreads rapidly in closed spaces, which can be fatal. Indoor air quality testing, therefore, becomes essential as it gives a precise estimate of what needs to be resolved. Taking the effort to improve the quality of indoor air therefore crucial to ensure we live in healthy spaces.


Process of Indoor Air Quality Testing and its Benefits

Indoor air quality testing detects which hazardous contaminants are present in the air and measures their levels accurately. It’s the right way to start the process of cleansing the air as it’s detailed and all-inclusive. Experts like Canada-based Gateway Mechanical Services test indoor air quality scientifically and provide effective suggestions.

The indoor air quality testing employed by Gateway Mechanical Services checks the quality on multiple levels and offers scientifically-backed solutions to overcome the problems. This is how the procedure for assessing the quality of indoor air is carried out by its team:


The team at Gateway Mechanical Services understands the nature of clients’ area to be evaluated and identifies the underlying issues. It inspects the site thoroughly to gauge its HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and filtration systems.


It uses its exclusive IAQ testing equipment, it sets up the equipment to make observations as per the appropriate time span.


After completing the test, the data collected is assembled and a formal report describing the indoor air quality is prepared. The exact nature of problems and remedial suggestions on the basis of the issues are provided.

Indoor air quality testing thus is the first step towards resolving the harmful effects of poor indoor air.

Why Indoor Air Quality Testing is so Important

Whenever we suffer from an ailment, we blame it on viruses, cold, stress, lack of proper diet, sleeplessness, etc. However, we need to acknowledge the fact that quite a few health problems are caused by unhealthy, contaminated air that we breathe. We don’t really see people taking measures to test the air quality in closed spaces. Testing and then getting indoor air issues resolved professionally are very important, more so in today’s phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having uncontaminated, good quality air in your indoor surroundings not only ensures good health and wellness but also averts problems at a larger level in the long run.

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