Casino Films Made in Canada that Are Popular Around the World

Casino movies often provide viewers with an exciting story that attracts both passionate gamblers and movie enthusiasts unfamiliar with the casino scene. But if you’re a Canadian who enjoys online casinos, you can take pride in knowing that there have been some remarkable gambling films produced in your own country. Here are three bright examples that are well-known around the globe. Let’s explore them together. 

Cold Deck

The first film tells us a story about a man who is an addicted gambler. Bobby, the main character, lives with his mom who is sick. They are always on the outs with each other because the old lady can see how gambling influences her son. 

In the meantime, Bobby has a love story with a beautiful waitress who works at the casino establishment. Of course, this man spends a lot of time there playing poker. As a result of this gambling, Bob loses a lot of money and his bills increase. So, his friend gives a piece of advice about an attractive tournament of poker. In the case of winning, he should divide his price with this friend. But where can they take money? They decide to steal a car to have an appropriate buy-in. 

In the film, Bobby eventually decides to risk his friend’s life savings in a high-stakes game. Throughout the series of games, he develops a strong bond with a dangerous man. As you can see, this movie takes viewers on an emotional journey and is perfect for a peaceful night of entertainment at home. But if you want to gamble you should select only quality casinos for this purpose. 

Lucky Girl

Another movie shows the story of a young pupil in high school who faces gambling addiction too. Her name is Kaitlyn. So, what has happened to her? The story intensifies and takes a negative twist when she attempts to raise funds for a trip to Amsterdam but becomes excessively entangled in various gambling activities. She wagers a lot on sports without thinking about unfortunate accidents. 

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Owning Mahowny

Those who find joy in visiting the top real money casinos in Canada will find themselves drawn to this movie. It offers a glimpse into the real story of a manager from Canada who stole funds from the bank where he works and embarked on a series of risky wagers.

What is interesting, this is a true story about a man who stole more than 10 million dollars from his workplace. So, the portrait of this manager shows a guy who lost his head and control of his emotions and did not even notice what was going on around him. However, this film arguably captures the essence of grappling with a gambling addiction more accurately than any other film.

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