Canadian Celebrities Who Are Known for Their Love of Casino Gaming

It is a known fact that screen gods and goddesses are normal human beings like us, and they have similar passions and hobbies, just like most of us. Today, we will be looking at some Canadian celebrities across different categories and discussing their love for gambling.

Even outside the world of casinos, Canadian celebrities have earned a reputation for being celebrities to start betting with 1Win platform. Some whose name you are expecting to see, we don’t know, but we are going to cover a list including rappers like award-winning Drake and actors, among others.

They may be plying their trade in different areas of the entertainment world, but what they share in common is their love for casino games like table games, blackjacks, and slots, among others.

Guess another thing about this set of celebrities? They stake big! You see, you are not alone. Take a seat and watch as I list these men and women who share the same passion with you and motivate you to go for your next win at the tables.


The world-class rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, born in Toronto in 1986 has been making waves both inside and outside his industry. He is known for many entertainment activities such as music –his main forte– as well as in the meme world, and in the world of gambling too. 

The Canadian rapper and songwriter has been spotted severally at high-stakes poker games, where he –like the characteristic Drake– wagered huge amounts. The musician has not hidden his love of casino games, even in his music, as he mentions in some of his popular songs. Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or slots, we can’t tell where his real casino pleasure lies, but for a fact, he’s a heavy staker and a lover of casinos.

The whole world knows some of the many times the singer has recorded a narrow loss, like when he lost $1,000,000 after betting on Lionel Messi’s Argentina to win the FIFA World Cup full-time.

Rachel McAdams

The stunning Canadian actress, born in 1978, has been making the list of celebrities that have graced the walls of a casino house as a pastime away from the screens. The actress, who is a popular face in movies such as ‘Mean Girls’, and ‘The Notebook’ cannot be tagged as a regular face or a publicly acclaimed lover of casinos, but she is definitely not a stranger to the thrills of casino gambling and the associated adrenaline rush. 

Ben Affleck

The 1972-born popular actor who made waves in many movies, including ‘The Town’, Clerks, among others, is not a new name both in his career and in his pastime passion– poker gaming. The casino game is one of Ben’s major pastimes, and it has led him to a subnational stage, as he competed and won in the California State Poker Championship in 2004. A feat that many of his fans know little about.

Matt Damon

The ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Martian’ actor, who was born in 1970, is another actor who shares a great fondness for casino games as a pastime, just like his fellow actor, Ben Affleck. He has been seen playing and excelling on the poker tables and announced his expertise in the game when he made it to the final table of the 2019 edition of the World Series of Poker.

This part of Matt shows that his love for poker is not just a role he casually played in the movie, ‘Rounders.’ The final competition appearance showed that the actor excels in both fields.

Jennifer Tilly

The 1958-born celebrity can be seamlessly identified as an accomplished movie actress and professional poker player. She made a name in the movie industry as she appeared in many high-profile movies in the ’90s and has kept her name in the world of casino gaming. She has competed and shown her skills in many poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker, where she got a customized bracelet from the tournament that has boosted her reputation as a successful poker player.

Pamela Anderson

The ex-model and movie actress, who was born in 1967, made a name for herself on and off the screens, as she has been spotted as a regular figure at casinos in Las Vegas, where other top celebrities also visit to reward their passion for the game. However, unlike many celebrities on this list, she has been seen exploring games ranging from slots to roulette. 


Many celebrities are perceived as people without normal lives outside of their professions. Due to this and more, their lives are shrouded in secrecy. That’s why, among many of the celebrities listed in this article, only Drake has expressed his passion for casino gambling and even inferred it directly in his songs.  

Regardless, the list above shows a fraction of Canadian celebrities who enjoy the thrills of making wagers and winning in casinos, just like you. There are many more who may share the same passion, but they prefer to keep that part of their lives away from the public eye. 

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