7 Benefits of Smoking with Glass Bong and Water Pipes

Cannabis can be consumed using various techniques. But as expected, some techniques are better than others. This is mainly because of how they enhance the smoking experience.

Against this backdrop, the use of a glass bong or water pipe is one of the best cannabis smoking techniques there is. By the way, these glass products offer more in terms of heat control, which is important for this experience.

The question is what makes smoking with a glass bong or water pipe better than using the blunt or joint technique? Answers to this question will be provided in this article. Specifically, this would be done by discussing some of the benefits of cannabis consumption via glass bongs or water pipes. So, ensure that you continue reading to find out.

Advantages of Consuming Cannabis with Glass Bongs or Water Pipes

People who smoke using the bong or pipe technique have to get these apparatuses. This means that they may have to be purchased. Using the joint or blunt method which requires the use of a paper roll or blunt wrap respectively is cheaper.

So, what makes glass bongs or water pipes better if they cost you more money? Some of the reasons your preference should be using bongs or pipes include the following:

Less Stress

You have quite a lot to do using the joint or blunt technique. First, you have to grind the weed. This is equally a requirement for smoking with glass bongs or water pipes. However, you need to do more with joints and blunts.

The reason is that the weed has to be ground in a manner that would allow it to fit right into the paper or blunt wrap. You also need to wrap the weed properly. Failure to do this can cause the weed to fall out before or even while you are smoking.

It is also possible to get a substandard paper roll or blunt wrap. You can save yourself all this trouble simply by using a glass bong or water pipe.

On the whole, these devices do so well in terms of functionality. This is considering how there are various compartments for various things. For example, there is a part that serves as an ashtray (if yours is designed this way).


Safer to Use

Safety is a major issue with cannabis consumption. This is why smokers are seriously advised to smoke responsibly. The law should also be adhered to while smoking. For instance, you should not drive under its influence.

Also, it is not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers to consume cannabis. To find out more about smoking responsibly, you can visit: https://www.justthefactspei.ca/.

Having made all this clear, the fact is that some smoking techniques are safer than others. For example, it is not impossible for smokers to accidentally burn themselves while trying to make a joint or blunt. The design and manner in which glass bongs or water pipes operate make using them safer for smokers.

It is also why we recommend the use of glass options. The reason is that they handle heat better than products made using materials like silicone, ceramic, and acrylic.

Also, these apparatuses are designed in such a way that they have a water compartment. This effect of water in this compartment also contributes to a safer smoking experience. This is given how the water’s effect helps in eliminating some of the pollutants and impurities in the weed.

On the other hand, every bit of these pollutants and impurities will be inhaled when smokers use the joint or blunt technique. So, this is a particularly good reason to get a bong or pipe.


Some of your weed can be wasted when you use the joint or blunt method. For example, they can keep falling off as you try to fit them into the roll. Things are much easier with bongs or pipes.

So, these are the best options for cannabis enthusiasts who cannot afford to see their weed wasted. Such people should be willing to invest in items like bongs and pipes that guarantee efficiency.


Frankly, this is one of the most notable benefits that these apparatuses offer. Filtration happens as a result of the water’s effect in these devices. This is given how large particles are trapped by the water in the water compartment.

As a result, the smoke that is let out is not as harsh as it could be. This makes using these devices a more considerate option for public use. Also, this feature makes it very ideal for a smoke sesh (session). You can read this article for more information on how these apparatuses help in filtrating smoke.

Smoother Hits

Smoking from a glass bong or water pipe offers a better experience as pointed out earlier. The effect of the water in these devices is also responsible for this. The water significantly lowers the temperature, thereby reducing the heat.

So, you inhale something more refined and soothing. This is better than inhaling harsh and hot cannabis smoke. It makes the experience very enjoyable. This is especially for people with sensitive throats and lungs. So, you should consider getting any of these smoking apparatus if you are a smoker with a sensitive throat and/or lungs.

Versatile Usage

They are great for smoking cannabis. However, they also offer versatility. For instance, they can be used to consume cannabis in forms such as oils and concentrates.


You cannot reuse a paper roll or blunt wrap. On the other hand, water pipes and bongs can be reused multiple times. You are only required to practice proper maintenance.

This is even easier with glass as it is see-through, and you can quickly see the need to clean them. By the way, it is also easy to clean these smoking apparatuses. This is especially if you use detachable products which are strongly recommended.


Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways. However, the use of bongs and pipes are the best ways to consume cannabis. This is because of the several benefits that they offer as pointed out in this article. It should also be noted that the list of benefits here is not exhaustive. This further justifies the use of either apparatus for cannabis consumption.

However, it is also important that smokers smoke responsibly. This is to avoid the many downsides of smoking irresponsibly.

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