5 Best Netflix Alternatives Available in Canada

Binge-watching TV shows is one of the most popular hobbies in all corners of the world. However, not all viewers have access to the same content, as it often depends on their geographical location.

For example, viewers in Canada get a bit different Netflix content compared to viewers in the United States. Content restriction is the result of strict requirements and procedures that streaming services have to go through to make shows and movies available.

Luckily, Netflix is not your only option in Canada. In fact, there are plenty of streaming alternatives that provide just as excellent services and content libraries.

Currently not in Canada? Then you might not have access to some of these services. In this case, you can always look up a ​VPN free trial​ to access content available back home.


1. Crave

Let’s start with one of the most popular Netflix alternatives in the region – the Crave streaming service. Crave is not big on original content, and not nearly as diverse as Netflix. But it does provide a great selection of TV shows and movies that will keep you occupied. The service even offers content that you won’t find on other streaming platforms, which is a big plus.

Another great thing about Crave is that it is available on a variety of devices, including Xbox One. But those who use PlayStation to stream content might be disappointed since this service is not available on any PS console.

With over ​400 documentaries and exclusive rights to HBO and Showtime, Crave is a great alternative option at only $7.99 per month.


2. The Movie Network

If you’ve got your eye set on HBO, this is one of the best ways to gain access to exclusive HBO content. The Movie Network is a great streaming option that you can subscribe to via your cable provider. While it is a more traditional type of streaming subscription, it does come with TMN Go, which allows you to stream the available content using the internet.

It means you can stream content on The Movie Network on your TV and your laptop (as well as any other mobile device). The best thing about this option is the fact that it comes with HBO included in the package. So you can binge-watch all the biggest shows, including the famous Game of Thrones​.


3. Haya

Haya is a fantastic Netflix alternative for those who are big fans of reality TV shows. At only $5.99 per month, you can get access to hours of reality TV content, including the most recently streamed shows and plenty of old school episodes. Haya is also available on a wide range of devices.

One feature that makes Haya a great alternative to Netflix is offline viewing. Unlike other streaming platforms on this list, Haya allows users to download episodes and watch them on the go without internet access. The service also comes with a 30-day free trial if you want to give it a shot.


4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a well-known streaming platform available for free to the members of Amazon Prime. Of course, you have to pay the annual fee of $79 to become a member, although it pays off considering all the ​benefits included in the package​.

Amazon Prime Video is also a great source of original content, which makes it a close competitor to Netflix. It also has a decent library of blockbuster movies and popular TV shows worth binge-watching.


5. Sundance Now

Last but not least, Sundance Now is another Netflix alternative worth taking into consideration. It offers a long list of indie movies along with some really unique content. You can stream movies and TV shows via Sundance Now on your computer, Android, and iOS devices, as well as Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

This platform offers an annual subscription at $4.99/month. Although you can opt for the monthly subscription as well, in which case you will be paying $6.99 every month. Either way, you can test the service out using a 7-day free trial.

Start Streaming Your Favorite Shows

With great TV shows and movies available on all these Netflix alternatives, you will have hours of entertainment available whenever you need it.


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3 thoughts on “5 Best Netflix Alternatives Available in Canada

  1. This is a good list of alternative streaming services to Netflix. I’ll have to sign up for a trial for Crave most definitely. I watch a lot of Prime Video and Tubi, the latter of which is free. Thank you for the list. Look forward to reading more articles on your site.

  2. I actually noticed my Netflix wasn’t working properly when I was attending the Canadian gaming summit last summer. I actually enjoyed Amazon Prime the most myself.

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