Syrian shorts from Abounaddara. The Right to the Image

Random thoughts on some of the short films uploaded by Centre A for this online exhibition. The films are made by ordinary Syrians, self-taught filmmakers, who capture life in their country beyond the images in the media.

The Kid only a minute or so long, this  features a child saying a poem about Bashar Al-Assad and what it’s like to suffer under the leader’s name. This was an artistic and smoothly done short. Very deep

The Return of the Son This features a woman talking about a night that changed her life, beginning with a strange visit from her nephew. As she tearfully tells her story, life goes on around her — a little boy plays and talks while a pot of food cooks.

The Russian Plane  This was kind of gut-wrenching to watch. We see news footage of Russian military planes preparing for, and going on, a bombing raid in Syria, plus the suffering of the victims — sharing the screen with the aftermath of the Russian passenger plane that blew up over Sinai. The simple message is that the people of both countries suffer.

Voyage to the Islamic State A silhouetted man talks about how he got arrested, taken away and  imprisoned by the Islamic State for eight days. Though not physically abused or held in overcrowded conditions, he’s shown video of what happens to those who disobey. The man also talks about interrogation progresses that happened to him. Interesting insight into the life of a prisoner and what it’s like in Syria.

(Photo: Bernard Gagnon)

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