Gambling Films and Gambling Sites

Gambling is great fun. As long as everyone follows the rules and plays within their limits. For one of the best places to gamble online, click here to play now for great bonuses and even more. But sometimes people strive for more entertainment. You could read a story on gambling OR you could check out some cool movies on gambling. There have been a fair amount of gambling films here and there in Canada, but sometimes Canadian productions end up pairing up with other countries and filming in different locations for diversity. Here are just some of the films that have stepped over the border just for production purposes. Atlantic City is a good example of a French-Canadian film that takes place in the States. It’s a great movie about a young waitress who dreams of becoming a blackjack dealer only to get involved in the drug business with her neighbour. The Grifters is another example of gambling and crime when a con-artist named Lily goes to visit her son who works part-time as a grifter. Things get pretty messy for both of them and his girlfriend. But not all gambling films are about crime, some of them are about inner discovery. Like Gambling, Gods and LSD. Not all Canadian films are done in US, some of them are also made in Switzerland. This one is a good example of that. While not exactly a work of fiction, Gambling, Gods and LSD follows the journey of Peter Mettier as he goes to different countries. Starting out in Toronto, he travels to Las Vegas, Switzerland, and even India. Aside from gambling, he also learns about the customs of these countries, and explores them to figure out what his destiny is. It’s a very educational film and an informative film as well.

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