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Christopher Plummer, Oscar winner and Hollywood icon, passed away. In a long and storied career that lasted over seventy years, he left an indelible mark. He was the leading man in cinematic lore tent poles such as The Sound of Music and The Silent Partner, which made history by making Christopher the oldest actor to bag an academy award in 2011.

Originally breaking out in the footsteps of other English leading men such as James Mason, he expanded his range over the years and fielded varied performances, and excelled in supporting roles. In the wake of his passing, the world remembers his legacy fondly from Broadway to television to the silver screen, including a sizable trophy cabinet of awards. 

In memory, we take a look at some of his best work.

The Sound of Music

In the early stages of his acting career, he partook in mostly theatrical exploits while treading minimally in film and television. The Sound of Music finds him taking the role of a widowed officer in the navy. A massive success at the box office, this would be the movie that launched him into a film star.

He derided it some over the tears, but the film remains a classic cinephile beloved by many. The chemistry between the two leads building up to a romantic connection when a grouchy and heartbroken military man mellows when he listens to the strong-willed governess sing to his children.



At the age of 82, Plummer would make history for taking home an Oscar for Beginners; a drama helmed by director Mike Mills. He dons the role of an older man who, after many decades, comes out of the closet to the world as a gay man. But this gains a ripple effect on his relationship with his middle-aged son. Both humorous and emotional, it is an examination of the idea that our lives are not wholly our own.

The Silent Partner

One of Plummer’s many masterclass performances, The Silent Partner follows the exploits between an expert thief and an unscrupulous banker in the wake of a heist gone wrong. Working with fellow compatriot director Daryl Duke, they dive into the storytelling from the banker’s vantage point, who sees Plummer’s menacing persona, a performance which he deftly executes.

Murder By Decree

Shepherded by another filmmaker of Canadian descent, one Bob Clark, Plummer dives into one of the larger, more fanciful roles of his career, playing the infamous Sherlock Holmes during Jack’s terror-filled time as the Ripper. Headlining a star-studded cast including James Mason and Donald Sutherland, Plummer steals the show. He captures the gritty essence of the famed detective while belying an individual upbeat temperament in the deployment of his investigative skills.

Knives Out

Perhaps one of the performances younger viewers remember of him, Plummer plays an aging novelist in a story exploring how his untimely death throws a spanner in the works amongst his greedy family. His character’s scenes are mostly flashbacks that help fill in key plot points as the murder mystery is resolved in running time. Again, in the midst of a cast of heavy hitters, his wit, warmth, and poignant understanding of all the players in his family were a welcome delight.


Plummer got an early start in acting early when he performed in his school in Canada. But it was not until the early 1950s when he made his Broadway debut. He then worked as a New York stage actor for several years before he started theater in London. This was the start of Plummer’s recognition and rise in the entertainment world. He will be remembered for his iconic hits and a career that is nothing short of incredible. He was also one of the stars of other movies such as ‘A Hazard of Hearts’ on which he portrayed a man addicted to sports betting. Some sites such as https://www.sportsbetting24.ca/ could very well those on which he played nowadays. 

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