Canadian content in Oscars

With the Oscars coming up, everyone is pretty hyped on what will happen. We’ve got films like La La Land, Moonlight, and Arrival in the Oscars this year. And interestingly enough, this Canadian content is ranking high in Oscar nominations. These three films all have a lot of nominations each, but La La Land is in fact my favourite out of the three. Look at La La Land, it’s gotten nominations for Best Lead Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture among many more. What’s even more impressive is how it won in every category at The Golden Globes.

Personally, I think Ryan Gosling has good chances of winning an Oscar this year. La La Land was a perfect film with incredible visuals and story blended into a lovely mix. But Ryan Gosling really took the lead role and made the film into what it was worth, which is an awful lot. His performance as Sebastian is what I really found to be the best part of the whole film, working a struggling jazz musician who somehow manages to find and feel the magic of love.

But I’m also going to be fair and say that Arrival and Moonlight were also nearly as fantastic as movies themselves. While they may not be as high in Oscar nominations, they are still impressive. Moonlight with 8 nominations is an incredibly stunning drama about the coming of a certain age, and Arrival is a rather well fleshed out science fiction film itself.

With all the nominations going into Canadian content I think I might just do another live tweet during the Oscars. It seems worth watching and checking out.

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