Agencyclick.com : Roster Full or Total Bull?

Every new and upcoming agency has to submit themselves on agencyclick.com to prepare to take on workers in background. But, agencyclick.com is only able to accept a number of people and claim their roster to be filled. How is this so? Recently, a new casting agency has started, and is ready to go. But they have been put on hold for 2 months, it seems. Despite having registered, there has been barely any response regarding their registration and if it has processed. It sounds like some kind of money grab. It has also been discovered that the so-called help desk can only ‘help’ with payment problems, but not so much as refunding money. So what is wrong with this site? Do they like to see upcoming businesses fail? Is it actually true they don’t have more space? Because it seems more like that’s a lie. Now, I don’t know the whole story about why agencyclick.com is no longer accepting any new casting agencies as of now, but I would hope to find some answers regarding that. Despite so many people claiming to work for them, agencyclick.com may not be a company at all.

Personally, I think that could even be the case. But there are other possibilities, such as this month being a super busy month for background casting, especially since I know lots of set-work for extras is pouring in. But given the story I’ve heard, it really does sound like they’re not being helpful. According to every scam adviser site, it is said that agencyclick.com is 100% safe. But even those can’t be trustworthy sources because they all vaguely look alike. So now I’m asking how do they pass themselves off as a legit company when it sounds like a cleverly arranged disguise of a website? I’ve noticed a lot of people out there seem to trust the site but I want to know if it works for them and I’d like to hear some stories/opinions. If you have any ties or work with agencyclick.com, what was your experience? I’d like to know some more. I’m open to everything, but my main concern is why isn’t agencyclick.com allowing new rosters for work? I’d really like to know that in particular.


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