7 Comic Books That Turned into Great Movies

  1. The Avengers Aside from the diabolical plot of Loki and all around intensity from the action, the story and characters are well fleshed out and with the different personalities shown, it really provides a look of diversity.
  2. Iron Man – This movie which showcases how Mr. Stark became the Iron Man was very interesting. It’s not all explosions and action, but also carrying some humorous dialogue from time to time. Nobody nails it better than Robert Downey Jr. There are also many games that are related to Marvel such as : Iron Man online slots games and verity of Iron Man action games that you can play online.
  3. Batman Begins – Sometimes the best movies are the ones made over a decade ago. Telling the origin of where Batman came from, showing Bruce as a young boy. Many years pass and Batman focuses on fighting crime against foes from the Batman universe. Christian Bale is his coolest in this role.
  4. Deadpool – I had no hope for this movie whatsoever and found myself proven wrong. This was an awesome film. Not just because it was shot in my hometown, but because of the action, the story, and the character himself. Once a mercenary, Deadpool gets transformed into a hero with special powers. All will tremble before Deadpool.
  5. The Wolverine – The late 2013 film which showcases Wolverine dealing with the struggles of life. When he ends up in Japan, he soon finds himself getting away as fast as he can from his newest enemy. Will he discover his hero self again? Story and action in equal measures mixed with those chills I get when I see adequately directed actors.
  6. Superman II – Classics can be the best sometimes. After Superman accidentally releases Krypton’s most wanted from Space Jail, they go to conquer the world. Meanwhile, Clark Kent reveals his secret to Lois Lane. The characters were strong and impressively written and directed along with the story.
  7. Watchmen A team of costumed fighters investigate a murder of one of their members. Characters and story-wise, this movie seemed weird, but it wasn’t some bad kind of weird. The film has its super extreme moments and was worth the money I paid for it. Isn’t as bad as some people say.

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