The Canadian Entertainment Industry is Booming Right Now – Here’s why

Film and television production isn’t just a cornerstone of arts and culture in Canada; it’s essential to the health of the national economy as a whole. According to the latest stats from research thinktank, Statista, the value of the Canadian film industry reached a whopping $3 billion in 2018 – and that figure is set to rise even further by the end of this year.

Don’t forget that Canada boasts several of the largest film production centers in North America, including first-class film-making companies, animation studios and visual effects specialists alike. There’s no doubt that the industry is booming right now, which means there’s no better time to take a closer look at the two main drivers behind all the success.

Location, location, location

O Canada” (CC BY 2.0) by Jeff Pang

It’s no big secret that Canada offers breath-taking scenery and unique locations that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. As such, we often see big studios like Twentieth Century Fox, ABC Studios and New Line Cinema investing their impressive budgets to shoot films and television shows on-location in Canada.

This brings employment, revenue, infrastructure and a massive boost to the local economy in various provinces across the nation. A good example is New Line’s recent filming of superhero flick Shazam, which is estimated to have boosted the Ontario economy to the tune of $55 million. It’s not just the immediate injection of money either; the impact of regularly filming blockbuster movies in Canada has a huge knock-on effect for many other industries like tourism and hospitality.

Promotional offers for Canadian customers

Google Street View – Pan-American Trek –” (CC BY 2.0) by kevin dooley

Few countries do quite as good a job at attracting regular cinema customers through special offers and promotions as Canada. National chains like Cineplex are renowned for their ‘Discount Tuesday’ and ‘SCENE points’ campaigns, offering the general public enticing deals on a range of different tickets and concessions. These deals definitely encourage people to get down to their local cinema more often, which has a hugely positive knock-on effect for the industry as a whole.

Of course, the online industry is also playing a big role in the growth of Canadian industry. Many streaming services like Netflix and Apple TV+ are taking a leaf out of the iGaming book by regularly updating their sign-up offers to attract new customers. In the online casino sector, Canada’s most popular bonus website is bonus.ca, a site that allows people to quickly view the range of promotional deals offered by various providers. As the number of online streaming services grows, it’s likely that we’ll begin to see more bonus comparison sites like this emerge within the film and TV industry sooner rather than later.

So, there we have it; two big reasons why the Canadian entertainment industry is booming right now. Given the sheer pace of growth and expansion we’ve seen recently, both online and physical, we can’t wait to see how the industry will develop over the coming years.

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