Daniel Craig Has Advice for the Next James Bond

Since 2006, Daniel Craig has wowed movie fans around the world with his portrayal of the suave spy, James Bond. Since he played the spy for the first time in Casino Royale – a glitzy favourite among poker players – the star has impressed Bond fans time and time again with subsequent 007 movies. For many, Craig is the epitome of everything the dapper 007 stands for, and many will be disappointed when he retires from the role.

Sadly, Craig’s retirement from playing 007 is imminent, as the current movie, No Time to Die, is the final one where he will play the character. Unfortunately, the blaze of glory he should have gone out in has been somewhat marred due to delays with the release of the movie. However, no matter what happens, there is no doubt that Craig will be remembered as one of the leading James Bond actors in recent years.

Leave It Better Than When You Found It

Of course, with this being Craig’s final Bond movie, another actor will have some very impressive shoes to fill in up and coming movies. With nearly 15 years of experience playing Bond in five explosive movies, Daniel Craig has become a huge hit with a whole new generation of Bond fans. While he himself had to follow in the footsteps of huge stars such as Roger Moore and Sean Connery, there will now be another actor who has to follow in the footsteps of Craig.

As the James Bond of a new generation, Craig was recently asked whether he had any advice for the next actor to play the spy. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he was asked the question. While there wasn’t much advice that Craig could offer, one thing he did say was that the next actor should try and leave it better than when he found it.

In the interview, Craig responded to the questions by saying, “It’s a beautiful, amazing thing. I don’t know what else to say, really. Leave it better than when you found it.”

While these may seem like simple words, they are sure to resonate with the next actor who follows on where Craig left off. The long line of incredible actors that have portrayed 007 over the years means that the next actor will have to be out to impress fans and critics around the world. 

Who Will Play Bond?

Of course, the question on the lips of all Bond fans is which actor will follow on from Craig for the next Bond movie. Well, it is worth noting that not everyone is convinced that it won’t be Daniel Craig himself. While this is officially supposed to be his last movie, some film industry officials believe that a change of heart cannot be ruled out. There are also rumours that he has been offered a fortune to return as the spy in two more movies. 

People are so intrigued as to who will be asked to become the next debonair 007 that bookies have even started speculating over whom it may be. There have been a number of names added to the mix over recent weeks including Tom Hardy, Sam Heughan, and James Norton. Others include Tom Hiddleston, Richard Madden, Jack Lowden, and Michael Fassbender. Idris Elba is another name that has been touted, although he has tried to quash rumours that it might be him. 

Which of these actors – if any – ends up taking on this enviable role remains to be seen. Craig could even surprise us all by hanging onto the role for a while longer. 

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