Making A Music Video: DOP’s Experience

As a writer/actor/editor, I’ve never done much work on a film set until recently when I served as  DOP of a music video for a band which just might be the next big thing in Vancouver. (Though I would recommend they come up with a better name than “Other Direction”)

The music video is still in production and I haven’t shot all the footage yet, but I did get some of it done over at Autumn Music Studio in Maple Ridge. The studio was built from scratch in a spot where a vegetable garden used to be and every last little detail was put in place to make it a professional studio. It has LED lights in the recording studio, a recording booth, and its own kitchen with a fridge and microwave.

My work mainly consisted of filming and photographing the band while they recorded live. At the same time, I learned how the process went as well as how bands work while in studios.

The recording itself was an interesting experience. The band members all had to be recorded separately for certain parts and some members preferred to have the studio lit up with red LED lights, messing up the footage a bit. However it should be fixable and I’m not planning to use all of it, just small segments.

While I got some footage of everyone in the studio, I also got footage of them sitting outside the studio lip-synching along with the music while the singer sang on their own. Already the music sounds amazing and I’m sure this new band will get funding soon. I also enjoyed the studio experience and I would recommend it to any musician friends who want to break into the industry a little more.

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