Top Casino Movies on Netflix Canadians can Access

Gambling and betting are a sort of drill that gives you the adrenaline rush. It started very long ago, and it keeps evolving daily. Movies mean different things to different people. But it is mostly seen as a pastime or the perfect way to enjoy your leisure time. Now imagine watching casinos in a movie. Nice right?! What makes it beautiful is having to see it on the #1 online viewing site. Netflix is a medium for seeing movies, TV shows, biographies, and other internet entertainments, with over 158 million paid memberships in over 200 countries. What more is how that as a Canadian, you get to access these casino movies on Netflix

Here are top movies about casinos that are available on Netflix accessible to Canadians. 


  1. Rounders: This is a great movie whose inspiration is from gambling, and it has poker games and casinos as the central plot. It tells a story about a law student Mike McDermott that undergoes trials. Mike is a good poker player that tries his luck at the game with one Russian gangster Teddy KGB. He loses the game, hence his money too. His girlfriend, in turn, makes him promise to quit gambling. But he decides to play one last poker game in order to save his friend who is in debt to the same Russian gangster he already lost to. 
  2.  Ocean’s Eleven: this movie is a remake of Rat Pack, a classic comedy from the 1960s. It can be described as action as well as a comedy. It tells a story about 11 professional criminals that come together with the sole aim of robbing a bank. The bank vault has a total of $150 million, belonging to three major casinos in Las Vegas: MGM Grand, Bellagio, and Mirage. The three casinos are owned by Tess’ (Roberts) boyfriend Gracia (Terry Benedict), who is an EX of the eleven’s leader (George Clooney). Therefore, it makes the operation quite intense, dramatic, and personal. 
  3. Casino: this movie is an adaptation from the book “Casino: Love and Honour in Las Vegas” Written by Nicholas Pileggi. The movie tells the story of Sam Rosenthal, the key holder of Tangiers Casino, how he deals with Nicky, his enforcer, his wife, Ginger, and her EX, who is a con artist. There is currently a site where you can place bets easily without much ado, and more on this site can be found here. It dates as far back as 1995, and it is directed by Martin Scorsese. Will the issues they have bring down the Casino or raise it?  


Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash


  1. Runner Runner: the realization of the fact that he has just been cheated, Richie, a Princeton graduate, goes to Costa Rica to confront the Casino owner Ivan Block. The casino owner then recruits him, but some bad moves are made that involve Richie. Richie then has to make a tough decision when questioned by the FBI; Three options, take the fall, expose Ivan Block, or an idea that works in his favor. 
  2. Owning Mahowny: this another good movie that delves into the world of gambling and casinos. It tells a story of a bank employee in Toronto, Dan Mahowny, who borrows money from the bank to pay up his gambling debts. The Casino boss, Victor, urges Dan to gamble more up till the point he is unable to pay off all the debts, and his life spirals out of control. 
  3. Croupier: this is a beautiful release that shows us the dark atmosphere of the gambling environment. It is released from the croupier point of view, and it shows us small card rooms in London. It came out in 1998, with the lead roles by Clive Owen, Nicholas Ball, and Nick Reding.

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