Talent On Tap – D Chase Drops Summertime Ting to Set the Theme

Sometimes you hear a new song on the radio and your body starts to communicate with it – you embrace the beat and find the timing, the rhythm and you reach for the volume… and turn it up! There’s no better time to release a new track that gets people moving, bumping and jiving than the summertime. The days are longer and music is the drug that we all crave on a hot sunny day as you soak it all in and celebrate your youth. 


Soon to be legendary with his gift to marvel through his musical genius, D Chase is releasing his latest gem and hot track, Summertime Ting which was written for teen boys and girls that find summertime flings through summer activities. This track is also making a mission statement to be the new summer theme song. If D Chase says it’s one of his best creations… you can take that to the bank. Summertime Ting makes its debut on Friday July 31st.


D Chase, is a Toronto rapper that has been making music since he was a young teenager. His natural talent and passion for creating and recording has filled his life with many successes. With the release of the Till I’m Rich music video and mix tapes 41613, Overdue and a special release with DJ Holiday, followed by Atypical released in 2020. D Chase is taking back the stage and creating tracks to get people up and moving.  He’s very comfortable on stage and has opened for Rick Ross, Fabolous, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Mavado and more.  I couldn’t wait to talk to such a talented music artist to hear where the magic comes from.


“You’re releasing Summertime Ting on Friday, July 31. How did this song happen?”

“It was about trying to find a new summertime flavor/anthem for summer. I’m putting together something different/outside the box of what I usually do.” 


“When you’re creating a new track, does it start with the music or lyrics first?”

“It differs – in this case I heard the beat first and that inspired the rest of the song. The song is catered toward youth/teen boy and girl having a PG-13 summer time fling.”


“How long did it take you to record and produce Summertime Ting in the studio?”

“I wrote the song in 15-minutes but it took me 3 hours to record it properly and then another hour to mix master it. I worked with Dot Da Engineer from 669 Studios.”     


“When you’re creating music, how do you know when you have the right combination of music and lyrics in a song?”

“Usually when I write, it’s from experience… but not everything turns out the same way you wanted it to be in comparison to when you record it. Many times I’ll go into the studio and record it, with it really sounding different from the version in your head.” 


“In your early music career you were inspired by Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Fabolous. Which artists inspire your music now?”

“These days it’s about staying ahead/beating the trend and staying relevant – those sounds/artists aren’t very relevant anymore.” 


“When you were just a teen, you were already in studios creating and recording. How much has your music evolved since then?”

“Oh definitely! I’ve been recording myself since I was 12 but recording professionally at éstudios since 14.”


“How did you get access to a professional studio at such a young age?”

“I grew up in Ottawa and there were only 2 studios in those days – so you had to know somebody… and one of my friends from my neighborhood was in the studio and invited me to one of his sessions. He gave me an hour of his time – I went in and recorded a song I’d written. That’s when I met Da Engineer and got to know him/exchanged numbers and started working together. I had a good support system when I was younger. Mostly from my mom, single mom and I had a lot of friends.”


“Did you grow up with other friends in the music industry?”

“Yes – I have a lot of music friends… sometimes you get crowded and you forget who you met as friends first or through music, there’s so many.”  


“You’ve opened for some huge artists, such as Rick Ross, Fabolous, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Mavado and more – how much do you miss performing live?

“I definitely miss it – there’s nothing better than that feeling.”


“If you weren’t in music, what else do you think you’d be doing/what else are you passionate about?

“Umm… other than music, I couldn’t even tell ya – I’ve been in it so long Plan B isn’t an option.” 



“How has Covid impacted your music producing?”

“If anything, I’d say it’s helped me, it’s given me more focus, there’s less distractions and I have more time to work on things more thoroughly.”


“Do you play any musical instruments?”

“No I do not.”


“Can we expect to hear anymore singles later this year?”

“Yes, absolutely! After I drop this track I’ll be releasing another single – called Perfect two weeks later. It’s kind of like the Summertime song, it’s a very dancy/very catchy song. It’s meant to follow up the Summertime Ting.”    


“When you write your lyrics, do you use your music as a political platform or is it about putting positive messages out there?”

“Positive change, yes – political – no. There’s a lot of negativity that comes with that and people are spending 3 minutes of their time to listen to you, so I try to stay away from political but positive – Yes.”


“What would be a good positive message to put out there for young listeners?”

“Mind your business, focus on yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”


“Are you ever approached by new young music artists for advice?”

“All the time – I have a lot of younger artists that are under me and I take good care of them/watch out for them to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes I made.” 


“What’s your favourite place to go on a holiday?”



“Would you rather take a hot-air balloon ride over the Grand Canyon or scuba dive in warm tropical waters?”

“Definitely, it would have to be the hot-air balloon. I’m not afraid of heights but I don’t like the idea of scuba-diving.” 


“You’re stranded on an island and your cell phone survived but it only saved 2 phone numbers on it. Which 2 numbers are you hoping to see on it?”

“My mom and my girl?”


“Is your girlfriend sitting beside you?”

“Yes (laughing).”


D Chase was incredible to talk to and his musical journey is very inspirational. If you’d like to follow D Chase, here are a few links that will help you get more familiar with the artist. 


FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/therealdchase

INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/therealdchase/

TWITTER https://twitter.com/dchasedageneral


SOUNDCLOUD https://m.soundcloud.com/user-167923516

YOUTUBE www.youtube.com/blockboyzfamily 


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